Dan Bannino "Poetic Dogs"

Den italienischen Fotografen Dan Bannino kennen wir bereits durch sein famoses Projekt, Trenddiäten wie Stilleben der großen Meister zu inszenieren: die Radikaldiät in der Kunst. Sein neuestes Projekt hat einen völlig anderen Hintergrund: Bei "Poetic Dogs" inszeniert Bannino Hunde aus dem Tierheim wie berühmte Schriftsteller - und manch ein poetischer Hund sieht seinem menschlichen Vorbild tatsächlich  ähnlich. Wir zeigen Ihnen hier eine Auswahl der Bilder.

Ein Hund wie Ernest Hemingway

Woof everybody from Leone, today's Poetic Dogs! Since the launch of this project, his portrait is always being one of the most popular, so today I'm gonna tell you the story behind his good looking eyes. Leone arrived in the kennel a few years ago, there're had been different people interested to adopt him during this time, but since he had a very tough temperament he had to patiently wait for the right family. That's probably one of the reason why I've associated him with the toughest of all writers: Ernest Hemingway. I had the chance to spend good time with him and I've realized how special he is: Leone liked to bark from his cage to all the humans and dogs walking by, just like the good Hemingway would do (if he had to spend time in a cage). I remember that the day of our photoshooting, there was an amazing light coming inside the room and Leone was just staring outside the window, without paying any attention to me or my camera. Since I couldn't get the photo even giving him cookies or treats, I've decided to put down the camera and just after some serious cuddles, he gave me that amazing relaxed look with his tongue out and I could feel his fabulous proudness. A few days ago I had the great news that he finally found an home and a family happy to adopt Leone with the proud look. Please share and support our dogs www.indiegogo.com/projects/poetic-dogs www.instagram.com/danbannino -----

Ein von Dan Bannino (@danbannino) gepostetes Foto am

Dan Bannino sammelt via Crowdfunding Geld, um das Projekt Poetic Dogs als Buch drucken lassen zu können - und um auf diese Weise noch mehr Hunden helfen zu können. Denn seit er vor einem Jahr seinen eignen Vierbeiner Rothko in einem verwahrlosten Zustand bei sich aufnahm, ist er sensibilisiert.

Charles Bukowski und ein Hund

Let me introduce you to the oldest dog of our crew: Wall Street. He was a lonely, scared homeless dog, found in terrible conditions -with a bad skull fracture- by his old owner about ten years ago in front of the famous New York Stock Exchange. Seeing him like this, he immediately decided to adopt him and take him to Italy. After his owner passed away, Wall Street is been brought to the kennel and now he's the oldest dog of the pack: 14 years old. When I saw him he suddently reminded me of the famous writer Charles Bukowski: he didn't like staying too much with the other dogs, he always looks drunk since he's very old and not standing a lot on his feet, but as soon as you establish even the smallest contact with him, it looks like he's telling you all his incredible stories. Please share and support our dogs www.danbannino.com/portfolio/poetic-dogs/ www.indiegogo.com/projects/poetic-dogs

Ein von Dan Bannino (@danbannino) gepostetes Foto am

Der Hund und Mark Twain

Nespola gave us a smile from the first moment we saw him, with his white tousled fur and his incredibly funny yet elegant ways we couldn't associate him to anyone else than the "greatest American humorist". A few years ago, he'd been a fluffy Christmas present for a fashionable family, that unluckily decided to get rid of him just some months after his arrive. He was really sad and depressed, not eating nor drinking: he became so important for the kennel owner that after a few months and a lot of training he became "one of the most preciuos dogs he ever had", being incredibly sweet and cheerful he's the kennel's mascotte. Now Nespola is in great shape, still very fluffy as you can see from the picture, and ready to be adopted and loved. Please share and support our dogs www.danbannino.com/portfolio/poetic-dogs/ www.indiegogo.com/projects/poetic-dogs

Ein von Dan Bannino (@danbannino) gepostetes Foto am

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